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This navigation bar is made of original Stubnitz art design work by Antonia Neubacher 1991 to 1994

Stubnitz Art - Space - Ship

Project Documentation: 1991 - 1994 Art Projects

earth, image by Franz Xaver
Earth Image from Weather Satellite, Franz Xaver, Kunstlabor, Exhibited on MS Stubnitz 1993 - 1994

Image by MarcMarc
Sound Installation Washing by MarcMarc, Hamburg 1994

Amme by Peter Dittmer
Amme (Midwife)by Peter Dittmer
Exhibition View Load Room 2Exhibition View Load Room
Poster Design by River Inspektor, St. Petersburg 1994Poster Design by River Inspektor, St. Petersburg 1994

Das lange Nachspiel: KonKursbuch Stubnitz

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